Recent talks

See below for slides and other material from conference talks that I’ve given

  • BART for causal inference with multiple treatments Slides for the 2018 International Health Policy Statistics Conference, covering an implementation of Bayesian Additive Regression Trees to estimate causal effects from multiple treatments)

  • Randomness of professional sports Slides for the 2017 New England Symposium on Statistics in Sports, covering a model to assess parity in professional sports (September, 2017)

  • Parity in the NFL Slides for the 2017 Joint Statistical Meetings on developing a model to assess parity in professional sports, particularly with respect to the National Football League (August, 2017)

  • Statistics in sports Slides from a faculty-to-faculty talk at Skidmore College: “How statistics can be used to help us better understand sports” (April, 2017)

  • NFL sideline bias Slides from the 2016 Joint Statistical Meetings: “Ref’s – they’re just like us! Adversarial and social pressures in the NFL” (August, 2016)

  • Reproducible hockey research Slides and code from a workshop on reproducible hockey analysis at the Boston Hockey Analytics Conference (October, 2016)

  • Causal inference with multiple treatments Slides from the 2016 New England Statistics Symposium: “Causal inference in healthcare studies with multiple treatments” (April, 2016)

  • March Madness Slides from a guest lecture at Columbia: “Better than lotto tickets: Analytics and NCAA tournament win probabilities” (March, 2016)

  • Causal inference with multiple treatments Code and material from my workshop on causal inference with multiple treatments from the 2015 International Conference on Health Policy Statistics (October, 2015)

  • NHL shootout Slides on the NHL’s shootout from the 2015 New England Symposium on Sports and Statistics: “Predicting coin flips” (September, 2015)

  • NHL point system Slides for the 2014 Joint Statistical Meetings: “The NHL needs a new point system and it needed a new one a decade ago” (August, 2014)